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Press Release – Pawsitive Dog Training Will Participate in the International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge

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Pawsitive Dog Training Will Participate in the International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge


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Pawsitive Dog Training will participate with Doggone Safe in the International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge. It challenges its presenters to visit schools and educate 50,000 children about dog safety during the months of Mar-May. The Challenge is to celebrate Dog Bite Prevention Week which occurs during the 3rd full week in May. Non-profit Doggone Safe has presenters in 17 countries, 11 Canadian provinces and 43 states in the USA.


Dog bites to children are considered to be a serious public health problem by public health agencies and veterinary medical associations worldwide. Statistics show that most bites are by the family dog or other dog known to the child. “Experts agree that public education has an important role to play in reducing dog bite risk to children, and the Be a Tree program is one of the ways Doggone Safe is contributing”, said Teresa Lewin, vice president and cofounder of Doggone Safe.


Louise Jones is a presenter of the “Be a Tree” dog bite prevention program for school children. The program is delivered by Doggone Safe presenters, veterinary technicians, dog trainers, dog behaviorists, public health nurses, emergency medical services personnel, animal control officers, police officers, teachers and humane educators. Presenters use a teacher kit which contains large format photographs showing dog body language signs, games and activities. Program sponsors can purchase supplementary branded learning materials such as coloring books, paint sheets, a story book, a poster, stickers, bookmarks and fridge magnets. Over 700,000 children worldwide have experienced the Be a Tree presentation since 2004. Through the International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge, Doggone Safe aims to increase this by almost  ten percent.


“I love ‘be a tree’ (and ‘be a rock’). It’s the best of its kind. This information has to get out there, said Jean Donaldson – Internationally recognized dog behavior expert, award-winning author and director of the Academy for Dog Trainers.


For more information about the Challenge please visit the Doggone Safe website at Presentations for schools or community groups in Dublin & surrounding areas can be booked directly through Louise Jones.


About Pawsitive Dog Training

Established in 2010 by Louise Jones, we aim to promote force-free methods of dog training throughout the country by offering one-to-one training in client’s homes and through group classes. We also offer desensitisation sessions for people with a fear of dogs, some of which may be due to being bitten by a dog in the past. We offer presentations to schools and clubs educating children on appropriate interactions with dogs and how to recognise basic body language. We hope that by educating children on how to correctly interact with dogs, we can reduce the number of children being bitten and attacked by dogs, regardless of breed or size.

For more information or to book a visit to your school or club, contact: or call 0877438478


Cute Alert !! – Baby Animal Festival In Northern Ireland

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In cute news, baby rabbitit has been announced that a baby animal festival is to be held in Northern Ireland. Thbaby lambe festival which is to take place in Streamvale Farm in Dundonald, Co. Down, will be overloaded with the cuteness of baby lambs, chicks, bunnies, ducklings, calves and puppies.

This festival will be open everyday in April and will allow the public to feed and cuddle the newborn baby animals. There will be a playground for the kids and also a covered playground so even if it is raining the kids can still enjoy the festival. This is the perfect Easter day out for your family so  why not check out  to find out more.

Minister Coveney Announces Animal Welfare Conference

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In a major step for animal welfare legislation in Ireland, Minister Simon Coveney has announced that an animal welfare conference is to be held on May 16th in Dublin Castle.

The conference will deal with a range of different topics as well as the new Animal Health & Welfare Act 2013.  Coveney has recently signed this act meaning that the core elements will be brought into operation.minister coveney

Minister Coveney said “The Animal Health and Welfare Act is an important piece of legislation, bringing together and modernising many existing laws in the area of animal health and welfare and I am delighted to bring it into effect. Given that the Protection of Animals Act dates from 1911 and the Diseases of Animals Act dates from 1966, there is an obvious need to make our animal health and welfare law fit for purpose in the 21st Century. This was a major priority for me and I am very pleased that this Act is now in place’’.

This act will bring together both animal health and animal welfare under one legislative framework for the first time. The act recognises that both of these issues are closely related. While before they would have been dealt with as separate issues, now it is recognised that these two things can be interdependent and where either health or welfare breaks down it often has consequences for the other. This is a very important break through for animal welfare in Ireland.
This act places the concepts of prevention, risk assessment and biosecurity at the heart of the legislation which puts Ireland at the forefront of the best international practice. Judges for the first time will be given the power to prevent people who have a previous conviction of animal cruelty or of not protecting an animals welfare,  from owning or working with animals. This is a great step for animal welfare in Ireland.

The first step in dog training. Learn Your Dogs Body Language.

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A very Enjoyable Clip that will help you make the first steps to understand what your dog is trying to communicate to you.

Super Hero Bulldog To The Rescue

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All of our pets are hero’s in our eyes bkelly and dogut this bulldog has defintely proved his super hero status. Well known reality TV star Kelly Osbourne was saved from getting ran over by her fateful bulldog Willy. 29 year old Kelly was taking her four legged friend for a walk in the sunshine which could have ended very tragically if it wasn’t for Willy pulling her back out of harms way and stopping her being hit by an on coming car. Kelly, daughter of Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne posted about her lucky escape on her twitter account along with a photo of her giving her beloved Willy a well deserved hug. We like to think that our dogs would do the same for us.


One man and his dog to sail around Ireland to raise money for cancer.

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A Derry cancer survivor is set to sail around Ireland with his fateful canine chum, Toby. This expedition will take place in memory of his late friend, John Stewart and he hopes to raise a lot of money for Macmillan Cancer Care.

The brave duo  are hoping to start their trek in June on his boat “The Stoney B” but the exact dates will all depend on weather conditions.

Darren sufferdarren and tobyed with cancer himself in 2011 and underwent radiotherapy for a tumor but is feeling better than he has in years. Darren met John in the City Hospital in Belfast where they were both receiving treatment for cancer but unfortunately John’s cancer came back and there was nothing they could do for him.

Darren has owned the boat for 5 years but admits he is a bit of a novice at sailing so he won’t be taking any chances, having said that this will be a huge challenge for Darren and he hopes to raise as much money as possible for Macmillan Cancer Care as he himself has benefited from their support. If you would like to donate you can do that through We wish John luck and hope we will catch him and Toby on one of the legs of this courageous tour.


Chester The Irish Wolfhound Cross Gets a Second Chance

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It’s always nice to hear a success story and we feel that this amazing Irish Wolfhound Cross pup’s story is well worth telling from across the water.

Chester was brought into tchester1he Animal Welfare League in Queensland during the Christmas period. This little fighter was born with deformed front legs and is therefore unable to walk on his own. Chester is such a fun loving and happy dog and everyone in the Animal Welfare League was so moved by his plight that they started a fundraising campaign to get little Chester a wheelchair.

This custom made wheelchair cost $1000 and had to be shipped from the US.chester Everyone was so touched by Chester’s story that within 30 minutes of the campaign the money for the wheelchair had been pledged.

Brave Chester is now the proud owner of his new wheelchair. He is placed into the device, made secure and comfortable and then he can use his back legs to turn and go where he wants and will soon be able to keep up with all his doggy pals. His confidence is growing every day  and his back legs are getting stronger which means he will be able to spend more and more time in his wheelchair.

This beautiful pup is up for adoption and would make a wonderful pet for some lucky owner. We hope he finds a lovely home.