Dog survives 150-foot fall from cliffs onto rocks in Cork

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Last week coastguard volunteers rescued a dog who had fallen 150 feet onto rocks at the bottom of a steep coastal ravine.

Bella the Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was adopted from a rescue shelter fell onto the rocks at RabbDog2its Cove in Glandore, West Cork. Her howls were heard by owners and they searched the cliffs tops for her.

Incredibly Bella only suffered a broken leg when she fell but the seas were high and darkness was falling.

Coastguard volunteers from the Toe Head-Glandore Unit swung into action following a frantic call for help issued by Bella’s owner, local photographer Emma Jervis.

“The situation was desperate. We got help from a local boat at Union Hall to try and access the cove at sea level but the swell was too high. We couldn’t even see her,” she said.

Emma and her partner Clo Reddin’s hopes for their pets survival were hanging by a thread. Coastguard cliff and water rescue teams were tasked at 7.15pm as concerns mounted over dwindling daylight hours. “The reason we go in a situation like this is that if we don’t go, the owner or another civilian might put their life at risk,” deputy officer in charge of Toe Head–Glandore Coastguard John O’Mahony said.

The coastguard boat was launched from Union Hall and lead by coxswain Carla Nugent-Mules the crew managed to navigate the rocky inlet and scale the slippery rocks to reach the distraught dog.

Coaxing her with treats they gathered the whimpering Bella and got her back to the boat. Minutes later she was reunited with her owners. “She wagged her tail and she was so happy to see us, it was such a huge relief, they were minding her so well,” said Emma.

The bewildered Bella was wrapped in blankets and whisked off to a waiting vet. The sensational pet Staffie suffered cuts, bruises and a broken femur but defied all expectations by surviving.

“Thanks to everyone who made a call, tweeted and shared the call for help and thanks especially to the Coastguard for rescuing her, they were amazing,” Emma said.


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