Animal charity issues warning on animals being sold online

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The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has launched an investigation into online animal trading standards. The DSCPA want to put an end to the unauthorised selling of animals online without documentation.

Unfortunately during their investigation the DSCPA found multiple adverts which caused them great concern. DSPCA1 DSPCA2

Alex Petrilli, one of the senior managers at DSPCA, explained what they found during their investigation.

“There are multiple adverts showing unacceptable volumes of puppy trading. In one case, a seller had over 15 different dog breeds advertised, which amounted an average of 150 puppies that were kept in unacceptable conditions.”

DoneDeal is one of the biggest seller of animals in Ireland and on Monday the DSPCA met with senior management of DoneDeal in order to try to identify the sellers of the adverts which has caused huge concern. The company is now urging people who spot these adverts to report them to DoneDeal immediately.

“There are other websites where this happens but DoneDeal is the largest, with an excess of 4,000 live adverts every day. They currently have no way to trace sellers. You should have to provide documentation if you want to sell an animal. At the meeting, DoneDeal told us they are currently working with the ISPCA and they plan to employ six more people to monitor sellers,” said Alex.

DoneDeal are doing what they can but unfortunately some of these sellers are always one step ahead. “Some traders place advertisements from multiple devices, which makes them untraceable. One seller was found to have placed advertisements from 20 different devices.”

The DSPCA say they would like DoneDeal to remove the animal section of their website with immediate effect, but the ISPCA warned this may have a dangerous effect.

Dr Andrew Kelly, CEO of the ISPCA said:  “If DoneDeal was to shut down in the morning much of the market would be driven underground and it would be much more difficult to track down illegal sellers. We would urge members of the public who spot suspicious sellers to report it immediately either to us or DoneDeal.”


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