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Animal charity issues warning on animals being sold online

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The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has launched an investigation into online animal trading standards. The DSCPA want to put an end to the unauthorised selling of animals online without documentation.

Unfortunately during their investigation the DSCPA found multiple adverts which caused them great concern. DSPCA1 DSPCA2

Alex Petrilli, one of the senior managers at DSPCA, explained what they found during their investigation.

“There are multiple adverts showing unacceptable volumes of puppy trading. In one case, a seller had over 15 different dog breeds advertised, which amounted an average of 150 puppies that were kept in unacceptable conditions.”

DoneDeal is one of the biggest seller of animals in Ireland and on Monday the DSPCA met with senior management of DoneDeal in order to try to identify the sellers of the adverts which has caused huge concern. The company is now urging people who spot these adverts to report them to DoneDeal immediately.

“There are other websites where this happens but DoneDeal is the largest, with an excess of 4,000 live adverts every day. They currently have no way to trace sellers. You should have to provide documentation if you want to sell an animal. At the meeting, DoneDeal told us they are currently working with the ISPCA and they plan to employ six more people to monitor sellers,” said Alex.

DoneDeal are doing what they can but unfortunately some of these sellers are always one step ahead. “Some traders place advertisements from multiple devices, which makes them untraceable. One seller was found to have placed advertisements from 20 different devices.”

The DSPCA say they would like DoneDeal to remove the animal section of their website with immediate effect, but the ISPCA warned this may have a dangerous effect.

Dr Andrew Kelly, CEO of the ISPCA said:  “If DoneDeal was to shut down in the morning much of the market would be driven underground and it would be much more difficult to track down illegal sellers. We would urge members of the public who spot suspicious sellers to report it immediately either to us or DoneDeal.”


Dog charity say dog destruction numbers likely to increase in 2014.

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Dundalk Dog Rescue has welcomed the reduction in dogs being surrendered in 2013 but it has said that a number of factors will result in huge increases in 2014.

Last year Dogs Trust have said there was an 11.5% reduction in dogs being surrendered to Irish pounds and statistics released also showed a 21% reduction in dog’s being destroyed for the same year.

“Whilst 2013 may have seen a reduction in dogs entering the pounds and being put down, it is unlikely that this trend will continue into 2014 as so far this year we have seen a dramatic increase in numbers being surrendered into the pound together with an increase in strays,” Edel Halpin of Dundalk Dog Rescue told the dogs trustDemocrat. “Added to the increase of dogs entering the pounds there is the reduction in rescue places available now to Irish dogs in the UK – the main outlet for them – because of the passport enforcement under the Balai Directive.

“The increased costs for an Irish rescue to passport all dogs entering the UK puts huge pressure on rescues like ourselves.

“Each dog has to receive a rabies vaccination (although no rabies in Ireland or in the UK), microchip in addition to the normal 7/1 vaccinations that a dog only required in the past.

“The extra costs come in at between 55 and 65 euros per dog not including the extra weeks the dogs have to stay in kennels which has now increased to 6 to 7 weeks from 2 to 3 weeks.

“UK pounds are also experiencing an increase in the number of strays and surrenders because of the economic climate and all of these factors spell bad news for Irish dogs. DDR helped over 800 dogs in 2013 to new lives in the UK with a small number going to Sweden and Italy.”

DDR believe that this figure will be dramatically reduced this year because of lack of rescue spaces available to DDR and the extra passport and kennelling costs involved.

“Ireland, in the past 10 to 12 years, received massive help from rescues like Dogs Trust who at one stage provided the pounds with vouchers covering neutering, chipping and vaccinations for dogs rehomed directly to the public by them, in an attempt to reduce the huge number of unwanted dogs in Ireland, but many of the people who received vouchers when homing a dog handed the voucher back with the dog to the pound and in many cases the dog was in pup.

“This sums up the attitude of the majority of people in Ireland to neutering. Ireland had more than enough chances to come to terms with the huge problem but failed to do so and now it is too late for the future dogs.”

Up to 10 dogs a day (3,516 dogs a year)  are being killed in Irish pounds.

Speaking about these latest figures, Mark Beazley, Executive Director at Dogs Trust explains

‘“When a dog is picked up by a dog warden and enters the pound system as a stray, the pound has a legal obligation to keep the dog for 5 days in case the owner comes forward looking for their pet.”

However, when a dog is surrendered by their owner the pound has no legal obligation to keep the dog and the dog could be put to sleep that same day. Most of these dogs are healthy dogs and have just been surrendered by people who cannot or will not care for them anymore.

Dogs Trust will never destroy a healthy dog and send out a message to people to be responsible dog owners by neutering and micro chipping their dogs.

Dogs Trust runs affordable neutering and microchipping campaigns throughout the year and welcomes the introduction of compulsory microchipping of all dogs by 2016.”

Dogs Trust has been actively working with pounds across Irelandin order to rehabilitate stray and abandoned dogs and rehome them through their centre in Dublin. Operations Manager at Dogs Trust, Catriona Birt comments:

“Of the dogs entering our Rehoming Centre, 70% have come directly from the pound system with the majority of them being there, through no fault of their own. No breed is exempt from being abandoned or surrendered. Since we opened in 2009 we have rehomed almost 4,000 dogs and we have genuinely seen almost every size and type of dog come through our doors. The addition of our new Puppy Wing which will open in June this year will ensure we can save up to 500 additional puppies each year at our Rehoming Centre”

Dogs Trust is currently operating at full capacity with over 160 dogs and puppies in their care, including pregnant bitches, week old puppies and golden oldies.

If you are considering getting a dog, why not give a stray or abandoned dog a second chance of love and of life. For more information visit or call to Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, Old Ashbourne Road, Finglas, Dublin 11. Opening hours 12 noon – 4pm including weekends, closed on Tuesdays.

Up to 10 dogs are being put down in Irish pounds everyday

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According to Dogs Trust Ireland up to 10 dogs are being put down every day in Irish pounds and the cause for this is the growing trend of buying puppies online. People are buying their new puppy online and then abandoning them, leaving them to be picked up by the country’s pounds.

Figures from the department of the Environment show that Wexford had the highest number of dogs killed last year, a huge 441 dogs. Cork came next with 391 and the lowest was Carlow with 3 dogs being killed there.

Dogs Trust spokesperson Kathrina Bentley said Wexford was “very much an area of high puppy farming” where proximity to a port made it easy to ship dogs to Britain.

People are breeding dogs non stop and selling them online. People buy these dogs without realizing the commitment involved and then abandon them. Dog’s Trust are inundated with emails every day with people saying they don’t want their dogs, especially after Christmas when children get fed up of new puppies. A huge amount of Husky’s are being abandoned at the moment. These are  very popular dog but people buy them without thinking about how much a commitment it is to have such a huge and energetic dog.

Dogs Trust actively works with Ireland’s pounds to try and re-home dogs and at the moment they have 160 dogs, including Buddy, a male border terrier rescued from a Cork pound at the age of 12 months and now nearing his fourth birthday.buddy

Buddy had tummy and skin problems and Ms Bentley reckons the cost of treating his ailments could have led to his abandonment. He is now Dogs Trust “office dog.”

The Trust welcomed the 11.5% fall in the number of dogs entering the pounds system in 2013 compared to 2012 and the 21% reduction in the number of dogs being destroyed in pounds over the same period, down from c 4,500 to c 3,500.

However, Ms Bentley said they were still struggling to get across the message of “responsible ownership.”

The latest figures show 15,481 dogs entered Irish pounds last year. The number of greyhounds destroyed remains high at 427 in 2013 compared to 404 in 2012.

Dogs Trust has rehomed 4,000 dogs since it opened in 2009 and is currently full to capacity.

It is very important to make sure that your dog is micro chipped so that if he is picked up by the pound that all it takes is a quick phone call for you to be reunited with your dog.

Cash strapped animal centre in Kildare has no where else to turn.

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The Kildare Animal Foundation today has taken to Facebook saying that they need to raise at least €8000 to juanimalfoundationkildarest catch up.

Spokesperson for the foundation Geraldine O’Hanlon has described the situation as “very serious”. 

“We need help,” she stated.

“Those who supply us with food and provide veterinary care have been more than patient. It is now almost seven weeks since we have been able to make any payments. Our electricity supply is tenuous on a very severe and unsustainable payment demand.

“Every coin jar has been emptied, every pocket searched and we have nowhere else to turn.

“The cause is simple – there are more animals than ever coming to us for care and fewer people in a position to donate. We have not been extravagant or wasteful, there is more going out than coming in.”

“We do not engage in random and regular appeals. We ask now only when we have nowhere else to turn.

“Please if you can, help us to turn this situation around so we can go back to what we do best.”

Anyone who wishes to donate to the foundation please donate through their website  Kildare Animal Foundation’s website.

Bears rescued from bile extraction farm in China.

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A Hong Kong based animal welfare group called Animals Asia are planning their largest rescue ever as they plan to save 130 bears from a bile extraction farm in China.

Special farms throughout China keep about 10,000 bears, mainly Asiatic brown bears or moon bears and also sun bears and brown bears. These bears spend their lives living in tiny cages barely big enough for them. The bears gall bladder is then milked everyday for bile through catheters. This bile is then used in medicines produced in China. This process causes huge long term suffering for the bears and has generated complete outrage due to it’s cruelty.moon-bear-asiatic-black-bear-baby-cub

Animals Asia has thankfully made a deal with state owned company Flower World to take over their bile farm and turn it into a sanctuary for moon bears.

Animals Asia chief executive and founder Jill Robinson said it was a “historic move”.

“China has long been outraged by this cruel practice and our statistics show 87 per cent of Chinese are against bear bile farming,” she said.

“This negotiation is a result of years of growing awareness and increased opposition, with the bear farmer showing the moral integrity to do the right thing.”

On May 5th Animals Asia will take the sickest of the bears and bring then 1200km away to their sanctuary in Chenghu for emergency veterinary treatment. Others will stay in the farm and start the 2 years process of turning the farm into a sanctuary.

Animals Asia has so far rescued 285 bears and this will be their biggest rescue attempt to date. The deal was made after the company said they were losing money. The company invested about €930 million in the farm and have still not started to sell any bile.


Liam Neeson Targeted By Animal Rights Activists

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Last month Liam Neeson was seen as a hero in animal rights having saved a dog from being abused by a group of teenagers but this month it seems he has lost his hero status. Irish Hollywood star Liam Neeson has been targeted by animal rights activists after he has spoken out to protect horse and carriage drivers in Central Park.

Protesters have been hounding his New York home carrying signs with pictures of dead horses saying ‘Workeliamneesond to death’ and ‘Horse + Traffic = Death’.  Carriage drivers in Central Park are in danger of being banned over huge concerns around the welfare of the animals. 

“The actor has invited the anger of animal rights activists all across the U.S.  as he lends his support to an outdated and dangerous tradition”, activists argue. The activists have claimed that “Liam Neeson has made the shameful choice to be the only celebrity voice on the side of the cruel, outdated horse carriages.”

New City Mayor Bill Di Blasio came into power looking for an end to the 150 year old tradition but Neeson has made a point of standing publically behind the controversial traditional horse and carriage industry, which has long been a favourite of tourists at the tourist hotspot. The final decision on the ban is to go to a Council vote but the support for the ban introduced by the Mayor is soft.




Rescue dog transforms Autistic boys life

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April is an awareness month for both Autism and the prevention of cruelty to animals and as a result one mothexena and johnnyr, Linda Hickey has chosen to speak out about how their rescue dog Xena has changed her autistic son’s life.

Xena the pitbull mix was found beaten and nearly starved to death. After being given a very low chance of survival she beat the odds and was then adopted by Linda and has subsequently changed her 8 year old son Johnny’s life.

It has been over a years sixenance Xena came into their lives and Linda said she saw an almost immediate change in her son when he met Xena for the first time.  ‘There was immediate laughter in my home,’ she said. ‘There was singing, he was talking. He was telling her she had a boo boo on her nose.’ Linda explains how this rescue dog has brought out Johnny’s tactile side as he leans down to give Xena kisses and hugs.

When Xena arrived at Dekalb Animal Services shelter she weighed only 4 lbs and very near death. She responded to food and water and gradually she was nursed back to health with her rapid recovery gaining her the nickname ‘Xena Warrior’ .

Linda heard about Xena’s plight over Facebook and as a family they decided to adopt her in March 2013. While Xena reveled in having a safe haven, Jonny went from being a ‘painfully awkward, isolated’ child into an ‘outgoing chatterbox. Xena went on to be honoured at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (ASPCA) annual awards ceremony in New York where she won the award for dog of the year. Linda wants people to know that not only did they rescue Xena, she rescued them.