Meet Mishka the talking dog.

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Dog and Elephant Best Friends

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Specialist search dogs find missing psychiatric patient.

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Specialist dogs in Cork have found a missing psychiatric patient after a long over night search. Irish Search Dogs (ISD) have said that this case highlights the importance that specialist dogs such as the ones used during this search can have to the Irish emergency services. kram

The alarm was raised at 2am yesterday when the staff at the Stephen’s Hospital in Glanmire noticed that a female patient who had been admitted earlier that day was now missing. The hospital staff phoned their colleague, Suzanne Flynn, who is also a member of ISD, at around 4am.

Suzanne Flynn and her colleague Mick McCarthy responded immediately Suzanne with her collie, Kram, and Mr McCarthy with his bloodhound, Max. 

The ISD team arrived at around 5am and conducted an initial search of the campus as gardaí travelled to the patient’s home to retrieve a scent item.

The gardaí returned to St Stephen’s with a shoe owned by the patient. The searchers then went to the place where the patient was last seen, the woman’s shoe was presented to Max, who immediately picked up a scent and set off on her trail. He led his handler directly to the patient within 15 minutes.

The patient was found in a distressed and confused state about 1/2 a kilometre from where she was last seen.

She fled the scene and managed to leave the hospital grounds but was eventually found in Glanmire and was persuaded to return to the hospital for treatment.

“She was physically fine but she had been out in the elements for almost four hours,” Ms Flynn said.

“But this great ending shows the power of the dogs, and the importance of getting the early callout.”


Meet Domhnall, The Irish Wolfhound and Mascot of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards

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Beautiful Domhnadomhnalls new coatll is the Irish Wolfhound Mascot for the 1st Battalion Irish Gaurds and yesterday in a return gesture of friendship Irish President Micheal D Higgins presented Domhnall with a red coat. On St Patrick’s Day in 1973 the British unit gave a similar coat to the mascot of the Fifth Battalion of the Irish Army, a mascot which like its own was an Irish wolfhound.

The coat was presented to Domhnall of Shantamon, a 20-month-old wolfhound, and his handler Drummer David Steed at Windsor Castle. Captain Steve McMichael, the recruiting officer of the Irish Gaurd, said that it is always very important for Domhnall to be dressed as well as the members of his unit whedomhnallandhigginsn on parade. Everyone makes a fuss out of Domhnall when he turns up. He has done a few parades for the Queen, the Prince of Wales and for the Duke of Cambridge, who is the regiment’s Colonel.

Domhnall is the 16th Mascot of the Irish Gaurds and the mascot has traditionally been an Irish Wolfhound since 1902. He was presented to the Irish Guards in Dublin by the Irish Wolfhound Club in October 2012.

If you want to follow Domhnall’s adventures he has his own Facebook page here @


Help Maisie Stay With Her Family As They Relocate To New Zealand.

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Maisie is a beautiful 6 year old Border Collie living with owners Lisa and Johnny. Maisie came in Lisa’s life when she was working in Kildare as a vet nurse. The then 14 week old pup was brought into the veterinary surgery covered in cigarette burns and had a dislocated hip and the two have been inseparable ever since. Maisie has been there for Lisa through sommaisiee of the toughest times in her life and helped her through a very abusive relationship and post natal depression. Maisie has also been there for all the good times in Lisa’s life including both her pregnancy’s and she was even in the registry office when Lisa and Johnny got married.

Johnny is a carpenter and both Lisa and Johnny feel that they are unable to give their two boys the future they want for them in Ireland. They have both been offered work in New Zealand and feel that this is a great opportunity for their family that they cannot turn down.

All the paperwork and visas have come through but unfortunately the price to bring  Maisie with them is €5000.  The Irish dog grooming community in Ireland has gotten together to fundraise for Maisie’s transport and have so far raised a fantastic €2100. Lisa herself has been involved in rehoming a lot of poundies and we really hope that she gets the support she needs to bring her beloved Maisie with her to New Zealand on this new journey for her family.

Please support Maisie’s transport by donating on

You can also follow Maisie’s journey here

Please donate what you can to keep this lovely family as a whole.


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Dog walkers around Ireland hapoopmingve woken up this morning to news of a new law passed only in the last few hours. Last night legislation was pushed through Dáil Éireann and this new law has been enacted with immediate effect. All dog owners must pick up their dog faeces after fouling in public places. Recent developments in DNA profiling has helped members of An Garda Síochána in being able to identify breed and sex of dogs who defecate on pavements. This new law has given judges the freedom to prosecute and give out prison terms of up to 3 years for repeat offenders and all offenders will receive on the spot fines of €500. Luke Ming Flanagan was asked to comment and he quoted “what fines are there for all the bullshite Fine Gael spread all over the Dail chambers”